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South East Asia, Hainan - Hong Kong Express Cable System
irix is part of the consortium that will construct and operate the South East Asia, Hainan - Hong Kong Express Cable System (SEA-H2X), a new submarine cable system that will connect Hong Kong SAR China, Hainan China, Philippines, Thailand, East Malaysia and Singapore, with options to extend to Vietnam, Cambodia, West Malaysia and Indonesia.

Estimated to be approximately 5,000 kilometers in length, spanning between Hong Kong SAR and Singapore, the SEA-H2X cable will consist of at least 8-fiber pairs with a design capacity of 160 Tbps. Employing state-of-the-art optical submarine transmission equipment, this high-performance connection will provide high-speed and low-latency, data connections for customers within the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) region, in preparation for the impending 5G era.

The SEA-H2X cable will land at the Cable Landing Station & irix DC @ Santubong 1 in Santubong, Kuching, and is targeted to be ready for service in 2024.

Terrestrial Connectivity
irix has a terrestrial fibre network that spans across Sarawak, connecting the state’s five (5) administrative divisions. The Points of Interconnection (POI)-s bring together Kuching, Samajaya and Tebedu, in division 1, pushing out to Lachau (division 2), Mapai (division 3), Similajau (division 4), with Sg. Tujuh in division 5. The Points of Interconnection (POI) at Tebedu and Sg Tujuh, connects the irix terrestrial fibre network to Indonesia and Brunei respectively.
The backbone of irix’s terrestrial network is based on dark fiber and, thanks to latest DWDM (Dense Wavelength-Division Multiplexing) technology is ready to provide from 10G to 100G capacities depending on customer needs. This allows irix’s customers to experience all the benefits of high-speed Internet the BaSICS subsea cable system provides. Its “flexibility” also gives irix the ability to offer different interfaces and speeds based on customer requirements, as well as enabling them to connect to all regions and enterprises in the state. With 24 by 7 support available, irix can resolve any DIA connectivity issues instantly.