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irix DC @Santubong 1
Tier IV Data Centre by irix

irix DC @ Santubong 1 sits at the core of irix, the brain centre. It is the first and only Tier IV designed and certified Data Centre (DC) in Malaysia and is a carrier-neutral and green facility. Strategically located on the outskirts of Kuching, Sarawak, it is strategically located alongside its own Cable Landing Station (CLS), and our own Internet Exchange (IX).

“irix”, as the DC is called, has been certified by Uptime Institute, acknowledging its meeting of the highest global standards, thus ensuring efficiency, security, and long-term quality performance for its customers’ mission critical data.

irix DC @ Santubong 1’s location was strategically chosen. It is a green facility and utilises Sarawak’s high level of hydroelectric power, which will further increase in the future when it is connected to the Baleh Hydroelectric Dam, scheduled for completion in 2027.
Environmental, Social, And Governance (ESG) Criteria
irix DC @ Santubong 1 location was strategically chosen. It is a green facility and is set to operate on Sarawak’s hydroelectric power, when it is connected to the Baleh Hydroelectric Dam scheduled for completion in 2027.
The Data Centre also operates a closed-loop cooling system. It is not reliant on external, nor requires additional water sources, eliminating hotspots at source, while simultaneously increasing energy efficiency. irix Data Centre also operates at a low PUE level, further maximising energy utilisation efficiency and minimising environmental impact.
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