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Internet Peering
irix Peering Services enables you to interconnect directly with networks connected. You will exchange internet traffic using only one connection and cross connect.
How does Internet Peering Work?

By peering at an exchange, networks can easily improve the performance of their internet network and achieve low latency and cost-effective interconnection.

Internet Peering is used by ISP companies, content providers, enterprises and other parties that seek network optimisation.

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Why Choose Internet Peering?
Faster and more reliable access to online content and services for end-users
Reduced costs for ISPs by bypassing the need for third-party transit providers
Improved network performance and reduced latency for real-time applications such as video conferencing and online gaming
Expanded network reach and improved connectivity for ISPs and their customers
Increased redundancy and improved network resilience by peering with multiple networks
Facilitates the exchange of traffic between networks, promoting collaboration and innovation within the internet industry
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