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Private Interconnect
irix’s Private Interconnect offers a secure and cost-effective solution to interconnect directly with your peers, customers, suppliers, or business partners.
How does Private Interconnect Work?

A private Interconnect enables direct traffic exchange between two networks over a dedicated VLAN on our platform. You can either choose to implement your Private Interconnect on a dedicated physical port or on your existing irix port. You can provision multiple Private Interconnects on one single physical irix port.

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Why Choose Private Interconnect?
Security: Providing a secure, dedicated connection that reduces the risk of data breaches and cyber attacks
Speed: Offering fast data transfer speeds and low latency, ideal for real-time data processing
Reliability: Providing high network uptime and reliability, free from public internet congestion and downtime
Cost-effectiveness: Reduces bandwidth and data transfer costs, making it a more cost-effective option for large-scale data transfers and critical applications
Flexibility: Tailored to meet an organisation's specific needs, such as connecting on-premises infrastructure to cloud provider data centers or interconnecting multiple data centers
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