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Management Team
Dr. Jonathan Smith
Chief Executive Officer

Jonathan Smith joined irix in January 2019 as a Technical and Commercial Advisor and rose to the position of CEO in January 2022, fuelling irix's ambitions to lead the Digital Transformation in the Sarawak region. With an impressive track record spanning 30 years in building telecoms infrastructure and leading teams of telecoms professionals worldwide, he is driven by a passion for advancing fibre deployment to the next level.

Jonathan's career commenced at BT in the UK during the 1990s, where he played a pivotal role in deploying the first SDH core networks. During the early 2000s, amidst the global boom in subsea fibre deployments, he joined Level 3 Communications and contributed to the deployment of cables across the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. As fibre technology evolved to encompass "last mile" access, Jonathan engaged in consultancy projects with multiple operators across the globe, spearheading the deployment of fibre-to-the-home and fibre-to-the-tower solutions. Notably, he recently led the procurement of multimillion-dollar network modernisation programmes in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Myanmar.

Since assuming the position of CEO, Jonathan has assembled a formidable team at irix, blending young local talent with seasoned international experts. Together, they have successfully launched irix's product portfolio, featuring IP Transit, IPLCs, and Tier IV Data Centre services. Recognising that a strong team serves as the foundation for future irix innovations, Jonathan is committed to supporting the advancement of ICT services, making 5G and IoT a reality for all Sarawakians. Through his leadership, irix is poised to drive transformative change and shape the future of the Sarawak region.

Dmitriy Nikolaychik
Chief Operating Officer

Dmitriy Nikolaychik is a highly accomplished Operations and Technology expert who holds a degree in Software Development from Minsk State Polytechnic University in Belarus. With over two decades of experience in the Telecom and ICT industry, he has established himself as an experienced practitioner who has made significant contributions worldwide.

Dmitriy began his professional journey as an operations and maintenance engineer at MDC Ltd, a Belarusian firm. He then proceeded to work with various organisations in Belarus and Russia, honing his skills and expanding his expertise. In 2006, he joined Azerfon LLC, a prominent mobile network operator in Azerbaijan, where he served as the Network Operations Director. This marked the beginning of his international involvement, which extended to diverse companies and projects throughout the Caucasus, Central Asia, Asia, and Africa.

Throughout his career, Dmitriy has been instrumental in several notable initiatives. He played a pivotal role in successfully launching the third 2G/3G operator in Azerbaijan, overseeing the construction of Core/RAN networks during the initial phase of development in Congo and Sierra Leone, and introducing innovative green power supply solutions in Tajikistan to significantly enhance RAN availability.

Prior to his current position at irix, Dmitriy returned to Belarus to lead the Cloud and ICT infrastructure division of UE A1, where he actively contributed to the company's digital transformation efforts. His association with irix is strengthened by an impressive and reputable portfolio, which positions him as a key asset for the short and long-term development of the company.


Stephen John Stretch
Chief Commercial Officer

Steve Stretch joined irix in April 2022 as the Chief Commercial Officer, entrusted with the responsibility of driving business growth through strategic initiatives in Sales and Product Development. With a remarkable career spanning over 30 years in the telecoms industry, Steve brings a wealth of experience to his role.

Steve's journey began in the late 1980s at GEC Plessey Telecommunications in the UK, where he played a crucial role in selling System X, the pioneering digital switching system adopted by BT. He later transitioned to a Group Joint Venture company in Russia, exploring new opportunities in the telecoms landscape.

During the era of telecoms mega-mergers and alliances, Steve joined BT and Concert Communications, focusing on Global Enterprise solutions. Subsequently, he ventured into the field of subsea communications, making significant contributions at FLAG Telecom and TATA Communications. His career also took him to Second National Operators in South Africa and Nigeria, where he gained valuable insights into diverse markets. Eventually, Steve returned to the subsea realm as the CEO of Brunei International Gateway in Brunei Darussalam.

As a fervent advocate for customers and a strategic sales professional, Steve's vision revolves around placing Customer Focus at the core of all irix's activities. His extensive industry knowledge and expertise drives irix's commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences and shaping successful sales strategies. With Steve's leadership, irix aims to solidify its position as a customer-centric organisation in the telecoms sector.

Dominick Siddle
Chief Marketing Officer

Dominick Siddle joined irix with a mission to lead its global marketing endeavours, as the company expands its reach to new regions and beyond. After a successful career in publishing in England, Dominick embarked on a journey to Malaysia over 20 years ago, where he seized the opportunity to represent prestigious entities such as National Geographic and Condé Nast. Additionally, he played a crucial role in supporting companies' brand development as a representative of Superbrands, a renowned global independent arbitrator of brands.

Throughout his career, Dominick's expertise in marketing, media, and branding has constantly evolved. He has overseen and managed numerous projects, from the initial stages of idea conceptualisation and visualisation to their successful execution. In addition to his publishing background, Dominick has also delved into the F&B and hospitality industries, where he demonstrated his skills by managing a chain of globally acclaimed F&B outlets and spearheading the development of two luxury island resorts.

Dominick's brainchild is the irix brand itself. Soon after joining the company, he took charge of the conceptualisation and launch of a comprehensive rebranding effort. As irix experiences rapid growth, Dominick assumes a leading role in building and accelerating the organisation's brand presence and communications as it steps onto the global stage. With his vast experience and visionary approach, Dominick will be at the forefront of positioning irix as a prominent player in the industry.


Bernard Pee Kee Chen
Chief Human Resources Officer

Bernard Pee has recently joined irix as the CHRO (Chief Human Resources Officer) with a clear mission to transform irix HR. His primary initiative is to establish irix HR as a strategic partner to all business units, enabling the company to fulfil its vision and mission. Bernard's focus will centre on fully digitising and automating the entire spectrum of HR functions, creating a paperless and mobile environment to enhance the employee experience. Additionally, he aims to design and implement a performance-based working culture aligned with the best practices in the telecommunications industry.

With a remarkable career spanning over 30 years, Bernard possesses extensive HR experience across diverse industries such as Construction, Property Development (IJM Corporation Bhd), Sales, Distributions & Services (Rank O'Connor's Bhd), IT & Software Developments, Electronics Manufacturing (Iris Corporation Bhd), and Telecommunications (U Mobile Sdn Bhd). Prior to joining irix, he served as the Director of HR Services at U Mobile Sdn Bhd, the fastest growing telecommunications provider in Malaysia.

Bernard brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise as an HR leader. He is deeply committed to coaching, training, and building a strong HR team that will play a pivotal role in developing a comprehensive HR strategy to attract, develop, and retain top talent for irix. Through his guidance, irix aims to build a competent and dedicated HR team that will contribute significantly to the company's success.

Eugene Chan Yu Joong
Chief Financial Officer

With an impressive 23-year history in the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry, including 4 years of invaluable experience in setting up Global Business Services (GBS) Finance services for the Asia-Pacific region in China, Eugene Chan stands as a seasoned CFO and a strategic advisor par excellence. Throughout his journey, he has exhibited a versatile skill set, excelling in various finance functions across international markets. His forte lies in change management, advocating for lean financial practices, and spearheading transformative endeavors that yield substantial results.

Eugene's prowess truly shines in maneuvering through intricate financial scenarios, consistently propelling businesses toward sustainable expansion and heightened profitability, even in the dynamic and challenging Chinese market. A fervent advocate of Finance Transformation, he has consistently spearheaded initiatives that harness cutting-edge technologies, streamline operations, and harmonize financial strategies with overarching business objectives. This dedication hasn't just optimized financial functionalities; it's also been a catalyst for driving evolution within the FMCG sector.

Looking ahead as a forward-thinking CFO, Eugene's journey has been defined by an unrelenting pursuit of excellence, an unwavering commitment to innovation, and an abiding passion for amplifying financial acumen. Poised to continue this transformative trajectory, he leverages his extensive expertise to reshape financial paradigms and rejuvenate organisations for sustained success within the ever-evolving business landscape.