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2 August 2022
Sources: irix Newsroom
Tags: News, Press Release
From left: Mr. Anders (from SASA Partners), Mr Dmitriy (COO of irix), Mr. Dominick (CMO of irix), Mr. Liaw Soon Loo (Finance Director of irix), Mr. Sng Wei Kai (Executive Director of irix), Mr. Jonathan (CEO of irix), Mr. Stephen (CCO of irix), and Mr. Patrick Chan (Vice President, South Asia of Uptime Institute)

Kuching, 2 August 2022: PP Telecommunication Sdn. Bhd. today unveiled its new corporate brand identity, irix, to align with the transformation that is being undertaken across the organisation.

“‘irix” was conceived with the vision that what we are doing today is linking Sarawak to the world’ said Dr. Jonathan Smith, CEO of irix, at the Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK) today. “The world we live in today is virtually borderless. The metaverse of technology, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality; that was once talked about as fantasy is now reality. irix will play a big role in helping Sarawakians, and Borneo keep in step with the world” he said.

The new brand identity embodies the renewed sense of purpose, energy, and enthusiasm of all its employees, indicative of a company on the move. This comes at an important time, as the organisation intends to further reiterate its vision to become an alternative regional economic and communications hub in Southeast Asia.

Dr. Smith explained that the timing of the rebranding is one of several steps that irix is taking to ensure the success of its international connectivity construction project. The rebranding will consolidate all of irix’s offerings, including its submarine and terrestrial cable networks, its Tier IV data centre, internet exchange (IX), and services including: IP Transit, DIA and IPLC. This rebranding is to consolidate its communications to the public and its customers, facilitating its positioning as a global connectivity enabler for Sarawak and Borneo.

Dominick Siddle, Chief Marketing Officer of irix, when giving details of its rebranding exercise, explained that the new logo encompasses 3 important aspects of the brand’s vision: Iris - green, and blue. Iris, he explained, is how the name “irix” was conceived. In Greek methodology, it is the name of the Goddess of Communication. In common, and biological terms, it is crux of an eye. irix as such, symbolises the company’s vision to the future.

Further explaining the colours utilised, Green signifies the commitment irix has in being as environmentally friendly as possible. irix Data Centre at Santubung has been certified as a Tier IV Data center and has a Power Utilisation Efficiency rating below 1.3. This qualifies it as a Green Data Centre, and it is one of the most energy efficient data centres in the region. And blue in the irix logo symbolises the subsea cable BaSICS that irix owns, integral in connecting Sarawak and Borneo to the world.

irix is a vision; a vision to and for the future.” Mr. Siddle said. “As Sarawak has bold plans to digitise its economy, fundamentals are necessary in making those plans a reality irix will facilitate that, as well as being the gateway to Borneo.”

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