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Sarawak’s data centre – as large as two football fields – to position Sarawak as regional ‘lifeline’ hub
22 June 2022
Sources: Dayak Daily
Tags: News, Data Centre
PPTEL Data Centre at Santubong is expected to be operational in Q3 2022

KUCHING, June 22: Sarawak’s soon-to-be launched data centre, a sprawling building spread across two football fields located in Santubong that essentially “will never go down” as it is a champion-league Tier IV quality infrastructure, will position Sarawak to become the regional hub to meet the rising demand for connectivity with high-speed internet.

Sarawak-based international telecommunication infrastructure provider PP Telecommunication Sdn Bhd (PPTel) chief executive officer (CEO) Dr Jonathan Smith said that Tier IV is the highest class certification for a data centre and Sarawak is one of 40 or 50 data centres given this accreditation by Uptime Institute.

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